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Canon ELPH 490Z turn on

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Canon ELPH 490Z

The Canon ELPH 490Z is a compact APS camera, similar to the Canon IXUS APS cameras, introduced by Canon in July 1996. It has a circular lens cover, which hinges up to open, and houses the main flashgun and a smaller lamp for red eye reduction. The back has an LCD panel for settings display, a covered section for the date and title setting buttons, a "best shot selector" dial, along with the zoom control, viewfinder and mid-roll film rewind button


  • Type: Compact camera
  • Image size: 16.7 x 30.2 mm
  • Lens: Canon 22.5-90, f/5.6-8.9
  • Focus control: Hybrid active/passive five-point AiAf (autofocus) system
  • Object range: 0.6 m to infinity (0.35 m to infinity in close-up mode)
  • Shutter type: Combination aperture and program electromagnetic shutter
  • Viewfinder: Real-image zoom viewfinder
  • Viewfinder magnification: Wide-angle: 0.29x, Telephoto: 1.16x
  • Viewfinder information display: Inside viewfinder: Picture frame, C-type mask (for C prints), P-type mask (for P prints), Best Shot mode indicators. Viewfinder eyepiece area: Green indicator (OK-to-shoot/close-range warning), orange indicator (hand movement warning)
  • Film loading: Automatic (with automatic blank film advance)
  • Film winding: Automatic, single shot (normal) or continuous (action mode)
  • Film rewinding: Automatic at end of film, rewind before completion available
  • Frame counter: Sequential; counts up during winding and down during rewinding
  • Self-timer: Electronically controlled ten-second shutter delay timer, activated by shutter button. Self-timer lamp/red-eye reduction lamp on front panel blinks to indicate time, and frame counter shows seconds remaining
  • Remote control function option: Infrared remote control (Canon RC-5) system is activated by emitter button; includes two-second delayed shutter release
  • Metering range (ISO 100):
  • Auto/flash ON modes:
Wide-angle: 1/45 f/5.6 to 1/650 f/14.2 (approx. EV10.5 to EV17).
Telephoto: 1/150 f/8.9 to 1/430 f/17.5 (approx. EV13.5 to EV17)
  • Flash OFF/slow-synchro modes:
Wide-angle: 4 sec. f/5.6 to 1/650 f/14.2 (approx. EV3 to EV17).
Telephoto: 4 sec. f/8.9 to 1/430 f/17.5 (approx. EV4.3 to EV17)
  • Exposure compensation:

(1) +/- 1.5 step (Flash OFF) manual-exposure compensation. Set with flash mode cycle.

(2) Automatic +1.5 exposure compensation applied as necessary except when (1) is used.

  • Film speed setting: ISO 25 to 10000, set automatically in 1/3 step increments
  • Built-in flash: Self-contained, operates automatically in low-light and backlit conditions
  • Flash range: With ISO 100 color print film; Wide angle: 0.6 to 4.0 m/2 to 13.2 ft., Telephoto: 0.6 to 2.5 m/2 to 8.3 ft.
  • Flash recycling time: approx. 5 seconds
  • Flash mode switching: Press flash mode button

(1) Full Auto mode: Automatic in low-light and backlit conditions.

(2) Full Auto: with red-eye reduction: Automatic in low-light and backlit conditions with red-eye reduction.

(3) Flash ON mode: Operates with every shot.

(4) Flash OFF mode: Does not operate.

(5) Flash OFF /manual +1.5 step exposure compensation mode, does not operate.

(6) Flash OFF /manual -1.5 step exposure compensation mode, does not operate.

(7) Slow-synchro mode: Operates on every shot.

  • Date recording: Built-in LCD panel and automatic calendar with quartz digital date/time clock, programmed with dates until the year 2029 (compensates automatically for long and short months and leap years). Clock function accurate to within +/- 120 seconds per month at 20°C or lower.

Data types: Dates (seven formats), titles (six languages x five formats).

Character type: Depends on lab capabilities.

Data color: Depends on lab capabilities.

  • Power supply: Two CR2 lithium batteries.
  • Shooting capacity: Approx. fourteen 25-exposure film cartridges.
  • Dimensions: 120 (w) x 64.4 (h) x 46.9 (d) mm/4-3/4 x 2-1/2 x 1-7/8 in.
  • Weight: 270g (without batteries)/ 9.9 0z.

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