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Camera to Cine (カメラとシネ, Kamera to Shine) was a Japanese monthly magazine, published from May 1957 to February 1958 by Nippon Camera-sha (the publisher of Nippon Camera).[1] It contained articles on still and movie cameras. It became 8mm Cineman (8ミリシネマン, 8-miri shineman) in March 1958, and was published under that name until May 1965,[1] focusing on amateur movie equipment and practice.

Notes Edit

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Sources Edit

  • Itō Toshiaki (伊藤敏朗). Extract from a joint research report of the Tokyo University of Information Sciences (東京情報大学共同研究実績報告書抜刷). Available in .doc format in Itō's page on Kogata Camera.

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