List of camera and photography museums
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Independent view of the US-México history, including the Mexican Revolution 1910 Review with more than 135,000 negatives.
Casasola Museum es un museo independiente dedicado a promover ,archivar,preservar y exhibir las imágenes de las Américas desde EU(fotografías,películas,audiovisuales,pinturas,caricaturas,textos, ilustraciones y documentos de la historia del continente americano)
  • Texas Museums
Casasola Museum/Museo Casasola, 617 Pancho Villa Street in El Paso, TX.
Zapata portada

Casasola Museum/Museo Casasola

Museo independiente,memoria colectiva activa.Después de 100 años del inicio de la Revolución Mexicana de 1910 esta fue convertida, por la historia oficial, en una película muda que ya nadie quiere ver o tratar de entender.El Museo Casasola/Casasola Museum exhibe la historia del México invisible, el México de la desigualdad y el México empobrecido con más de 135,000 imágenes de sus colecciones,Siglos de Vecindad: Años de Realidad, pertenecientes a 4 generaciones de exelentes fotógrafos.Además de la colección:Historia Gráfica de las migraciones a EU.
  • Wisconsin Museums
HH Bennett Studio, 215 Broadway in Wisconsin Dells, WI.
Photography museum dedicated to H.H. Bennett, the landscape photographer who made Wisconsin Dells a famous tourist destination. Visitors explore his original restored 19th century studio, see his original cameras and equipment, and view his captivating images. Museum is a state historic site operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society.


  • Museo de la Fotografía, Fototeca Nacional, Casasola s/n, Exconvento de San Francisco, Col. Centro, C.P. 42050. Pachuca, Hgo







Czech RepublicEdit


  • Fotomuuseum (site in Estonian), a camera museum; Raekoja t. 4/6, Tallinn 10146


Camera museumsEdit

Small camera museumsEdit

Photographic film museumEdit

  • [1] and [2]: Industrie- und Filmmuseum Wolfen, Chemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Areal A, OT Wolfen, Bunsenstr. 4, 06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen (former Agfa/Orwo factory)

Photography departments of technical museumsEdit



Great BritainEdit

Photography departments of technical museumsEdit






  • People's museum of KMZ`s history, company culture building "Salyut", Krasnogorsk, see [3]



South AfricaEdit



Camera museumsEdit


F11 FOTO MUSEUM Located in Yuk Sau Street, F11 Foto Museum occupies a three-storey Art Deco building lovingly restored to reveal its original grandeur. 

F11 is a non-profit private museum dedicated to the promotion of photography and heritage conservation. Exhibitions, guided tours and other education-related regularly take place at F11. 



Asia Camera Museum Asia Camera Museum Penang, Opening in Penang on 15 January 2014. Explore more than 1000 cameras and photographic accessories that you may never seen before.


Galleria Taal This ancestral home of the Ilagan-Barrion family now showcases descendant Mr. Manny Inumerable’s impressive camera collection and photographs, some dating back to the 1800’s.




Experience a unique journey through time with an inspiring self tour of michaels world-famous camera museum! Cameras and photographic equipment have been part of the Michaels family business since 1928. At that time, michaels was primarily a pharmacy combined with a small range of photographic equipment.


The camera collection began in a modest way during the 1950's. michaels began operating as a specialty camera store in 1975. Due to the imposed import restrictions following World War II, the number of cameras obtainable for resale were severely limited.

The museum consists of more than 8000 pieces (there are approximately 2,500 on display), of which about 3000 are cameras ranging from subminiature to 12x15 inches in size. Many of the cameras date back to the late 1880's through to recent times, and include early digital cameras. The museum also features lenses, movie cameras, movie and still projectors, darkroom equipment, including enlargers; flash equipment; films and plates.

You can also take a virtual tour - follow this link and select Camera Museum from the drop down menu.

Other camera museum listsEdit

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