Disambiguation Page

Cadet was the name of ...

... the Coronet Cadet 6x6 bakelite camera

... the Ansco Cadet Reflex 4x4 pseudo TLR

... the Ansco Cadet and Ansco Cadet II viewfinder cameras for type No. 127 film rolls

... the GAF Anscomatic Cadet Flash Camera for type No. 126 film cassettes

... the Soho Cadet Art Deco brown bakelite 6x9 folding bed camera for type 120 rollfilm

... the Houghton Ensign Cadet camera

... the Calumet Cadet 4x5 monorail camera

... the Agfa Cadet A-8 box camera for A-8 film (= 127 film)

... the Agfa Ansco D6 Cadet and the Agfa B-2 6x9 box cameras for type No. 120 film

... the Kinax Cadet camera

... the Weston Cadet exposure meter

... the Beseler Cadet 35 enlarger


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