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The Maxims were a range of basic box cameras made in England by W. Butcher & Sons Ltd. between c.1903 and 1920[1]. There were four sizes, No.1 for 6x6cm images, No.2 for 6x9, No.3 for 6.5x11 and No.4 for 8x11. The no.1 and 2 use "2¼ Ensign spool or No.2 Brownie" - now called 120 film.

A slider selects between three apertures, whilst the shutter has an instantaneous (I)/Time (T) selector.

Construction is mostly of wood, with a sheet metal side to the film carrier. The camera opens side-wise for loading; the film carrier slides out after pressing two catches, top and bottom, simultaneously. There is a hinged pressure plate mounted on the carrier which is pressed onto the film when the carrier is replaced.

  1. McKeown, p.172

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