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The British Ferrotype Company was a camera maker based in Blackpool, England, making the Telephot magazine cameras for miniature ferrotype plates, from ca. 1905 to 1915. This camera type was also made as a tintype camera by or for Romain Talbot in Berlin, Germany, but while the German Errtee used buttonsized 1" plates and looked like a grenade mounted on a coin bank, the British Telephot used buttonsized ¾" plates and looked like a telescope, mounted in the same way on a coin can. The cameras' principle was that after each exposure the enlighted plate could be released from the image plane so that it fell into the collecting box and the stack of unexposed plates moved spring-driven so that an unused plate got into the image plane. The Telephot had simple ironsights as viewfinder.


  • Telephot button camera


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