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The Bolsey A is a 35mm viewfinder camera made by Bolsey around 1953. It has a Wollensak 44/4.5 lens and a Wollensak shutter giving B, 25, 50, 100 speeds. In Sanford's book, there is a reproduction of an advertisement for the Bolsey A: in the advertising picture the camera is marked BOLSEY MODEL A on the front. Nobody seems to have ever seen a Bolsey A, and it is unsure if it was sold under that name.

The same camera has been sold under the name La Belle Pal. La Belle Industries Inc. was a company based in Wisconsin, manufacturing projectors and slide viewers. It seems the Pal was their only camera.

Bibliography Edit

  • Pont, Patrice-Hervé. Le Bolsey. Fotofiche n°9. Flassy (France): Fotosaga, June 1988. (Leaflet, no ISBN number.)
  • Sanford, Richard. Bolsey, the man behind the camera. Home publication, 2003. (No ISBN number.)

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