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The Bolsey-Flex is a name variant of the Ising Pucky camera, made in Germany. It is a 6×6 pseudo TLR, with guess focusing, a 80/7.7 lens with three aperture settings (7.7, 11, 16), and a Time & Instant synchronized shutter. Film is advanced by a knob and there is double exposure prevention. The camera has a round finder window, and a small finder hood.

The Bolseyflex is a later variant, with a square finder window, a larger finder hood and a restyled body. The aperture numbers are replaced by Sunny and Cloudy indications.

Both models have a greenish leatherette finish.

Bolsey A
Bolsey B
Bolsey C
Bolsey Explorer
Bolsey Jubilee
Jacques Bolsey

Bibliography Edit

  • Pont, Patrice-Hervé. Le Bolsey. Fotofiche n°9. Flassy (France): Fotosaga, June 1988. (Leaflet, no ISBN number.)
  • Sanford, Richard. Bolsey, the man behind the camera. Home publication, 2003. (No ISBN number.)

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