• Creative Gasp

    not sure

    December 10, 2011 by Creative Gasp

    Hi, i am not too sure how to do this yet and it looks as though i may have to do a little re arranging i was hoping to upload some photos to share with you and i am uncertain if they are available to be seen or not, it seems i probably should have added them to this particular page but i added it, i believe, to my profile!

    If, by chance, you were able to see them, feel free to leave any comments you desire in regard to them! I love to hear what people think, good or bad, it's all about learning and eduction, at least for me it is!

    I am currently a student of Professional Photography. I attend a fantastic school called NYIP (New York Institute of Photography), a school that has been educating Photographers for over 100 years! Quite impressive,…

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  • Franco6649

    Salve, sono venuto in possesso di una macchina fotografica Zeiss Ikon Contessa modello prontor SLK SPEZIAL.

    Non trovo informazioni al riguardo, qualcuno mi può aiutare?

    Grazie Franco

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  • Robertj889

    Pentax A3000

    November 3, 2011 by Robertj889

    Have an old Pentax A3000 that has died. Still have nice set of lens and would like to know if they will fit on any other late model camera or a later model digital camera.

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  • Millsge

    F W Deckal

    October 18, 2011 by Millsge

    I have just posted two photos of a camera whose only indication of a brand are "F. Deckel," "Semi-Sport." The lens is a Xenar f:3.5 F=7.5cm Schneider-Kreuznach. I cannot find any information other than the post in "Camerapedia" that says that F. Deckel was a maker of machined parts - including a leaf shutter for camera makers. I have also discovered that the shutter speed of the early models was set by moving the outer ring and that, on later models, the shutter speed was set by moving a marker around the ring. The camera takes 120 film and has rather advanced features regarding the loading and advance of the film. I am posting a picture here as well in the hope that someone might recognize the camera. My son believes that the camera may…

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  • Anakin Skyobiliviator

    Though I am new here, and I like cameras, I know one user that will like this wiki: Waffle Man 32.

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  • Photoilusion

    Recuerdo hace mucho tiempo atras mi primer contacto fotografico fue en un estudio fotografico.

    En algunos estudios esas camaras modernas de la epoca en los estudios fotograficos famosos de mi ciudad , como no recordarlos, J.Cano, Esparsa, los hnos. Alviz, se disinguian en el centro de la ciudad , los estudios quedaban en ambientes de casonas coloniales o en edificios de arquitectura republicana o modernos , la otra cara de la moneda eran los fotografos ambulantes los que pululaban alrededor del parque Duammel , un parque de por si muy acoguedor rodeado de arquitectura colonial ,republicana y moderna, alli con camaras echas tal vez por ellos mismos, recuerdo que cubrian la camara con un manto negro, yo no sabia porque, luego sacaban y metian…

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  • LexiLexi

    Most people haven't heard of World Photography Day. For photography lovers, it's just a day to come together and celebrate the awesome hobby of photography. World Photography Day has been celebrated pretty steadily for the past twenty years. The date of August 19th is chosen because that was the day the newly-invented Daguerrotype was announced to the public by the French government, in 1839. The year 1839 is unofficially the year that photography was invented.

    So, for World Photography Day, throw a party and celebrate your skills! It only comes once a year!


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  • Kate.moon

    Have you ever wanted your own dark room but didn't have the technology to develop your own photos? Well if you have some coffee and washing soda handy, you just may be able to do it yourself! Although it requires some technique and practice, you can develop negative film with three simple household ingredients. Watch this video by Matt Richardson @ MAKE for a step-by-step tutorial on "caffenol" developed pictures!

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  • Jorge Ramón Ramírez

    Quisiera saber donde puedo "bajar" de internet libros de reparación de camaras fotograficas manuales, es decir mecanicas o donde los puedo comprar o quien da cursos sobre esto...Muchas Gracias amigos....

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  • Sharxx


    April 23, 2011 by Sharxx

    Can anyone contribute with any information about this camera? I bought my example in 2010 and it is very hard to find any information about it.

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