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    Smartphone Android Terbaik

    September 16, 2014 by Napitoe

    Tips tentang cara untuk memilih Smartphone terbaik layar sentuh yang ideal. Jika Anda sedang mempertimbangkan untuk membeli smartphone layar sentuh, namun ditahan karena biaya. Cenderung tidak khawatir karena, bisnis ponsel layar sentuh saat ini semakin banyak tetap kompetitif untuk menawarkan ponsel layar sentuh paling menguntungkan dengan nilai yang sama dengan biaya rendah. Semakin banyak oposisi lebih label harga pada berbagai smartphone di pasar. Saat ini label harga pada smartphone di pasar memiliki beberapa tidak mahal saat ini. Perlu diingat hanya smartphone ponsel android di pasaran yang memilih nilai yang terjangkau varians yang luas. 

    Produsen ponsel; mungkin diproduksi smartphone terjangkau di pasar bersama dengan kualitas terba…

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    Solusi Pasutri

    August 10, 2014 by Solusipasutri

    Agen Pusat Penjualan Obat Herbal, Obat untuk solusi pasutri harmonis. obat yang aman dan sangat herbal untuk pasangan pasutri, produk pasutri ini produk herbal tampa efek samping. temukan semua solusi pasutri harmonis di sini.

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    Ann Blyth

    June 23, 2014 by Focuspuller

    I first made the acquaintance of Ann Blyth on the film set of the filming of Mildred Pierce, (1945). Warner Bros had borrowed Ann for this film. It was Anton Grot’s that called Ann over and introduce me. It was later that year filming Danger Signal , (1945). But burring filming, Ann Blyth suffered a broken back whiles sledding, this all happed while she was on a briefly vacationing in Snow Valley 14 miles from Lake Arrowhead. It was Joan Crawford that let Ann swim in her pool. Ann and I would go there all the time swimming, exercising. She said Crawford was always gracious, generous, a supportive actress who understood that this was a big change for Ann Blyth, a big opportunity for her, and she wanted the film to work and she wanted An…

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    Just to inform everyone that Tony's Photo Digital/Anthony T Reynolds Photographics recently moved to  new "HQ"S at thr Amcal,32 Moore Street Moe...This wedding&special occasions photographer has also added a new wedding package to his list,and has made some exciting adjustments to his list of services...Same day passport & ID Photos are available also,for several countries around the world...Inquiries welcome...Direct line:0429090954

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    Help Voigtlander

    July 29, 2013 by Sergiparals

    Sorry for my language but I'm not english. Somebody can help me identify this camera? I know that it's a Voigtlander but I don't know anything else. Tkanks for all information!!

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    Solida 11 1953

    July 19, 2013 by Jackflash15

    Does anyone know how to retract the camera lens for the Solida 11  1953 model .  I am NOT a camera buff. I was given the camera, I opend it pulled out the concertina lens, no problem trouble is it wont go back. I think there must be some sort of procedure to do this. Its not broken it seems to be locked ??    Any help please

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    I work in a UK based company

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    my grandfather has 2 vest pocket model b's and both bellows are stuck. they're a little loose but still will not come out of the cameras. any information will be helpful!

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    Does anyone have experience on an adapter for Praktica Super TL3 lenses for Canon 60D? I've searched ebay an there are adapters. I just want to make shure I get the right one. 

    Looking forward hearing from you.


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    Help with Olympus Trip

    December 9, 2012 by MeriPlay800

    Hi!! I would like to buy a good Olympus analog camera to my mum. She loved the Olympus Trip AF30 (that I broke) and she doesn't like the Olympus III U-120, which she bought a lot of years ago after the Trip one. 

    Now, I would like to find a compact camera (even used) similar to the first one but much better than it. 

    Can you help me, please? Because I do not know anything about analog cameras.

    Thank you

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