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The Blik (marked Блик - i.e. "speck of light" - in Russian) optical accessory rangefinder was made by the Soviet firm LOMO in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) around 1990[1] and was apparently intended for the later Smena series cameras - e.g. Smena 8M and Smena Symbol.

The rangefinder has a 50 mm base and measuring range from 1 m to infinity, the last marked distance is 15 m. The Blik makes externally not too positive impression, it has a pretty loose plastic upper body, but the chassis with a mounting shoe is made of metal. The device is operated by turning a small drum with distance scale at the back of the body, what can be conveniently done with right thumb when the rangefinder is mounted on a camera, although precise adjustment needs some care.

Optical quality of the Blik is simply excellent - viewfinder is bright and contrasty, with circular rangefinder window clearly visibly in the middle even in dim light.

The Blik comes with a clever two piece protective case made of plastic, which can be often used even when the rangefinder is mounted on a camera.


  1. Judging from serial numbers known to Camerapedia editor Grzesio.

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