Camera industry in Görlitz
Paul Dittrich & Co.
Curt Bentzin | Herbst & Firl | Meyer
Mlitz & Krügler | Robert Reinsch
Neue Görlitzer Kamerawerke

Bentzin was a German camera manufacturer, based in Görlitz, Dresden.

The company was founded by Curt Bentzin in 1889; called at various times:

  • Curt Bentzin - Werkstätte für photographische Apparate (1889 – 1945)
  • VEB Görlitzer Kamerawerke (1945 – 1948)
  • VEB Primar-Kamera-Werk Görlitz, Görlitz (1948 – 1951)
  • VEB Feinoptisches Werk Görlitz (1951 – )

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