The Bencini Comet cameras were 127 film made in Italy by CMF Bencini from 1948 into the 1950s. They were smaller versions of the Bencini Koroll range. Controls were limited to 1/50 instantaneous or B shutter and a focusing lens. The Comet III was an unusual vertical format camera.

There were various models:

Model Format Introduced
Comet 4x4cm c.1948
Comet II 3x4cm c.1951
Comet S 3x4 c.1950
Comet Rapid
Comet 3
3x4cm c.1953
Comet III
3x4cm c.1953

The Comet name was reused later for 126 cartridge cameras; see the 126 section of the Bencini page, and still later for 35mm cameras.


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