Voran image by Thomas Knorre

Voran is a medium format roll film folding bed camera made by Beier and introduced in 1933.

It is a double format camera and takes 6x9cm and 4.5x6cm frames on 120 film. Voran is similar to Rifax (6x9) but with front element focusing. Early models have rounded body and later models (c.1937) have squared body. It offered many lens/shutter combinations, e.g. Victar or Radionar 105mm f/4.5 lenses in Prontor or Compur-Rapid shutters. Vauxhall (6x9) is a name variant of the Voran. Also sold as Prontoklapp (1938) by Rodenstock.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. McKeown's p.121


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