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Box 0 image in Altissa Museum

Beier Box cameras were medium format 120 roll film cameras, made by Beier and produced between 1928-38.

The series have metal bodies. The early models (c.1928) were very similar to the early Balda and Altissa 6x9cm box cameras where the front opens. [1]


Box 0Edit

  • Produced between c.1928-38
  • These cameras were offered in two formats: 6x9cm model and 4.5x6cm model (c.1937)
  • Basic Beier Box model
  • Meniscus lens
  • One speed rotary shutter
  • Waist level reflex finders
  • Early models (c.1928) are available in black, grey, green, brown, red and blue colour finishes and nickeled front trim
  • Later the nickeled trim is diamond shape on the front plate
Box 0 1

Box 0 late model

Box I

Box I

Box IEdit

  • Produced between c.1928-35
  • Format: 6x9cm
  • Periskop (Doppel-Objektiv, Doublet lens) f/11
  • Waist level reflex finders and wire frame sports finder
  • There were coloured versions

Box I AEdit

  • Introduced in c.1937
  • Dual format version of Box I, 6x9cm and 4.5x6cm

Box IIEdit

  • Produced between c.1933-38
  • These cameras were offered in two formats: 6x9cm model and 4.5x6cm model (c.1937)
  • Similar to Box 0, but with a doublet lens, built-in close-up lens, wire frame sport finder

Box II AEdit

  • Dual format version of Box II, 6x9cm and 4.5x6cm

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. McKeown'sp.118-19


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