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Beirette v is a 35mm film viewfinder camera, manufactured by Beier in the former East Germany and introduced in c.1964-65. It belongs to the long lasting Beier Beirette series.

There is no "v" mark on the camera. [1] It shows a new body design in Beirette series, film advance lever without an additional advance knob, and a rewind crank instead of a knob.

It was also sold by Hanimex as Hanimette. [2]


  • Asimmetrical bottom of the lens plate
  • Lenses: E. Ludwig Meritar 45mm f/2.9, coated or Meyer Domiplan 45mm f/2.8
    • Aperture: up to f/22, setting: dial on the back of the lens, by turning a indented thumb wheel under the lens-shutter barrel
  • Focusing: manual front element focusing, guess the distance
    • Focus range: 0.6-8m +inf.
  • Shutters:Priomat everset three speeds shutter 1/30, 1/60, 1/125 +B and similar Modell II or Junior II shutters
  • Shutter release: on front of the camera, double exposure prevention, pressing the shutter release cocks and release the shutter
  • Cable release socket: separate from the shutter release, on top of the lens flange
  • Winding lever: short stroke rapid advance
  • Viewfinder: large and bright, no parallax correction
  • Frame counter: decreasing type, auto reset, window on the back of the top plate, not works without the film in the camera
  • Film loading: shutter not works if no film in the camera, hinged film pressure plate
  • Cold-shoe
  • Flash PC socket: on the lens-shutter barrel
  • Tripod socket: 1/4"
  • Self-timer: none
  • Back cover: removable, opens by a latch on the left side of the camera
  • Strap lugs: none
  • Serial no. none
  • Body: metallic; Weight: 411g

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Model marks appeared on the Beirette in the "vsn" version only.
  2. McKeown's p.117


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