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See also the Baby Balnet.

The Balnet Four (バルネットフォアー) is a Japanese camera taking 4×4cm pictures on 127 film, announced in 1953 by Fuji Shōji, perhaps a trading company associated to Fuji Kōgaku.

The Balnet Four was featured in the July 1953 issue of Asahi Camera.[1] It has a pressed metal body with rounded edges, and a telescopic tube supporting the lens and shutter assembly. The advance knob is to the top right and there is perhaps an accessory shoe at the left end. The viewfinder has a cylindrical shape and is slightly offset to the left. The film advance is controlled via red windows. The back is removable together with the bottom plate for film loading.

The lens is a front-cell focusing Seriter 50/3.5 and the shutter is a synchronized Balnet giving B, 1–200 speeds and equipped with a self-timer.

It seems that no surviving example of the Balnet Four has ever been observed, and it is not known if the camera was actually sold.

Notes Edit

  1. Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p.359. It is the only occurrence of the Balnet Four mentioned by this source. It is probably the same magazine article that is reproduced on p.34 of Camera Collectors' News no.31.

Bibliography Edit

The Balnet Four is not listed in Sugiyama.

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