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Baldamatic is a range of 35 mm cameras made by the German company Balda from about 1958 to about 1962. They were all equipped with a coupled selenium lightmeter.

Baldamatic Edit

The simplest of the Baldamatic is a viewfinder fitted with a Prontormat shutter. The aperture is set by a ring with a range of light conditions, the speed is automatically calculated from 1/30 s to 1/300 s (aperture priority mode). The lens is a 3-element Color-Baldanar 2.8/45.

Baldamatic I Edit

The Baldamatic I is a semi-automatic rangefinder with a match-needle exposure system. Several variants of lenses and shutters were available.

Shutters Edit

  • Prontor SLK
  • Synchro-Compur

Lenses Edit

  • Balda Color-Baldanar 2.8/45
  • Isco Color-Westanar 2.8/45
  • Enna Color-Ennit 2.8/45
  • Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 2.8/45

Baldamatic II Edit

The Baldamatic II is an improved version of the Baldamatic I, including a larger viewfinder. Several variants of lenses and shutters were available. An export version was called Helioca.

Shutters Edit

  • Prontormat (with aperture priority automatic exposure control)
  • Prontor LK
  • Prontor SLK
  • Prontor SVS

Lenses Edit

  • Balda Color-Baldanar 2.8/45
  • Isco Color-Isconar 2.8/45
  • Schneider Xenar 2./45

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