Balda FrontBox m13

Balda Frontbox ver. 4 by Ryszard Kobus

The Balda-Werk / Dresden was a manufacturer cameras of box type since 1930. A total of 4 versions with different the front panel were manufactured.

Balda Frontbox ver. 4, shown in the picture, was manufactured from 1938. The Balda Frontbox is a camera on film type 120 with frame 6x9. A simple rotary shutter type with setting one constant time and B was assembled. It is equipped with lens Periskop1:11 (doublet) type a fix focus. There is no flash lamp socket. As additional equipment was produced yellow-green filter applied to the lens. Only model 4 was equipped with the Periskop lens, the other models were simpler Meniskuslinse type lenses. The Box Balda cameras had an interesting solution. Placed inside the housing was the special key

Balda FrontBox mm18

Balda Frontbox wit key to the film setting by Ryszard Kobus

to the film setting.

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