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The Baby Hawk is a camera taking 3×4cm exposures on 127 film, known from a single example presented in an issue of Camera Collectors' News. It was certainly made in Japan, and it seems that it was inspired by the 4×5cm Sakura camera. No original document has ever been found on the camera, and its manufacturer is unknown.

Description Edit

The Baby Hawk has a bakelite body, quite similar to the 4×5cm Sakura camera. The front plate is mounted on a rectangular box sliding out of the main body. The back does not open: the top plate, exposure chamber and spool holders form a single unit that slides out of the body to load the film.[1] (This is possible only when the front plate is extended.)[1] The unit is locked by a latch placed under the camera, with "Open" and "Close" indications.[1]

There is a tubular finder in the middle of the top plate. The film is advanced by a knob at the top left, as seen by the photographer. Its position is controlled by two red windows, protected by swivelling covers.

The shutter has B and 1/25 settings only, selected by an index at the top. The name Baby Hawk appears at the top of the shutter plate. The lens has a fixed focus, no markings and f/9 maximal aperture. It has a true diaphragm closing to f/25, instead of the Waterhouse stops expected on this type of cameras.[1]

Notes Edit

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Bibliography Edit

  • Zaisu Ikon (座椅子遺恨, probably a pseudonym of Y. Saji). "Zoku Besuto sanka (B-1)" (続ベスト讃歌[B-1], Vest hymn continued [B-1]). In Camera Collectors' News no.223 (January 1996). Nishinomiya: Camera Collectors News-sha.

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