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At the end of the WWII, Roger Vergne decided to implement at the number 44 of the Avenue des Champs Elysées in Le Perreux (France), a factory producing photographic cameras. The quantity of cameras produced in this factory was very limited but all were of a great quality.

The most famous model produced by Vergne at Le Perreux's factory was the Atlas 6x6. It is a small box in sheet stell using film 620 for negatives of format 6 x 6 cm. This camera was available in three versions :

Atlas 6x6 ROYAL with simple meniscus 
Atlas 6x6 with lens Trylor Roussel 1:4,5 f=75 and shutter ATOS-1 
Atlas 6x6 with lens Stylor Roussel 1:3,5 f=75 and shutter ATOS-2 

Only 2000 boxes of this model were produced during the year 1949. Today, it is quite difficult to find.

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