Diacritics Edit

The only way I found to use French diacritics in the camerapedia editor was to copy-paste them.

à â ç è ê é î ô û

(You can also use HTML entities, e.g. à = à; á = á; ç = ç - etc.)

Template Edit

There's a template: French version to remind readers there's French language version of a certain article.

Glossary Edit

English French
aperture l'ouverture
aperture priority priorité diaphragme
back le dos
battery la pile
body le boîtier
camera l'appareil, l'appareil photo (nm)
crank la manivelle
diaphragm le diaphragme
filter le filtre
finder, viewfinder le viseur
ground glass le (verre) dépoli
knob la molette, le bouton
lens l'objectif (nm)
taking lens l'objectif prise de vue(nm)
viewing lens l'objectif de visée(nm)
light meter le posemètre, la cellule
selenium cell cellule sélénium
shutter l'obturateur (nm)
shutter priority priorité vitesse
taking lens objectif de prise de vues
viewing lens objectif de visée

Current list of articles in French Edit

as of december 10th 2006

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