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The Argus C44 is an American-made 35mm rangefinder camera. The C44 Was produced from 1956-1957 before it was replaced by the C44R which featured a winding lever in place of the knobs used on the C44. The Camera has a hot shoe and switch for M or X sync for the flash. The frame counter counts down and has to be manually reset once a roll of film is inserted. The camera has the option of using a cable release and has a tripod socket located slightly off center to the lens of the camera. The Shutter is a behind the lens leaf type and has speeds of 1/10 - 1/300 seconds along with Bulb setting and is ajusted via a dial located on the front of the camera. There are six lenses that were produced for the C44, with the most common being the tessar type Cintagon 50mm f/2.8 which was manufactured in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Rewinding of film is accomplished by lifting the wind knob and giving it a slight turn to keep it in the lifted position, then turning the re-wind knob until the frame counter ceases to rotate. another few turns should be given to fully re-wind the film.


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