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The Argus 127 is a plastic 127 camera sold by Argus of Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

The not very small design with the charm of a soap box has only three controls - the red shutter release lever in one edge, the large film-advance knob on the top and a knob on the front for choosing between the two apertures "COL11" and "16B&W". It takes 12 4x4cm images on 127 film. The big film advance knob clicks when the shutter is cocked for the next shot. A red eye helps to control if the next frame is reached. The lens is an Argus Lumar and the viewfinder is of reverse Galilean type. Inside it has a concave film plane.

It was also badged as the LeDuc Colorflash 127, and sold by Whitehouse Products as the Beacon Autoflash WH 127-A, and by Ansco as the Cadet II.

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