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Apparatebau und Kamerafabrik were a camera manufacturer based in Monheim, Germany. The company were active in the mid- 1950s, making mostly Bakelite or other plastic cameras. Some of the cameras were made under licence from Pouva[1]

Cameras Edit

  • Blitz-Hexi
  • Fodor, for the Dutch distributor Fodor
  • Hexi (~1955)
    • with Tricomat 6.5cm
    • with Hexar 7.5cm[2]
  • Hexi-Q
  • Hexi-I
  • Hexi-Lux
  • Hexi mu[3]
    • with Spez[ial]-Anastigmat "Tricomat" 65mm
  • Modell P56 / P56L / P56M (~1956)
    • with Tricomat 65mm
  • Moni
  • Reporter Blitz-Max
  • Reporter Max (~1956)


Notes Edit

  1. Dresdener Kameras
  2. Not to be confused with the Hexar lenses manufactured by Konishiroku/Konica
  3. John Nuttall photo

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