The Ansco Pix Panorama flash is an all plastic body point and shoot 35mm film camera. The lens cover/shutter release lock/unlock button is operated by a single sliding switch. On/off flash switch is separate.


  • Type: Point and shoot
  • Films: 35mm ISO 100/200/400
  • Frame format: 13 X 36mm
  • Print size: 3.5 X 10in. (89 X 254mm)
  • Film advance: Thumbwheel
  • Frame counter: Upward (analog)
  • Film rewind: Push button release-rewind crank
  • Focusing: Fixed
  • Focusing range: daylight- 1m (3ft.) to infinity
  • Flash: Built-in electronic flash with ready light
  • Flash range:
ISO 100/1m (3ft.)-2.5m (8ft.)
ISO 200/1m (3ft.)-3m (10ft.)
ISO 400/1m (3ft.)-3.7m (12ft.)
  • Power source: Two AAA alkaline batteries

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