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The Ansco Anscoflex is an unusual enamelled-metal pseudo TLR with a large lens cover which slides up to form the viewfinder hood. It was built in the USA by Ansco from around 1954 to a design by Raymond Loewy. The aperture (f/11) and shutter speed are fixed. It takes 6x6cm images on 620 film, wound by a large, ratcheted knob in the side. It retailed for approximately $27.95 (1956 Sears catalog) The camera was advertised as an inexpensive easy to use quality camera.

  • Manufactured between: 1953-1956
  • Twin Lens Reflex
  • Lens: Two Element Meniscus f/11
  • Focal Distance: 6 Feet - Infinity
  • Shutter Type: Rotary
  • Shutter Speed: 1/60th

The Anscoflex II added two controls on the lower front panel: one is for close-focus and the other is a yellow filter.


Ansco Anscoflex II

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