The Agfamatic 100 is a viewfinder camera for Pak-Film 126 cassettes. It has an Agfa Colorstar lens with fixed focus and fixed aperture. Two shutter speeds are selectable with the ring around the lens barrel, the scale showing a cloud and a sun symbol. The camera has a single stroke advance lever that advances the film, cocks the Parator shutter and turns the flash cube holder on which magicubes can be fired as flash. On the axis of the advance lever is the red "sensor", the shutter release button hidden under a round piece of red foil. A little black plastic button side on the side unlocks the back door for opening the camera. The back door has a window for making visible the film cassette's exposure counter. The camera has an optical bright frame viewfinder of reverse Galilean type. The Agfamatic 108 was a version of 1978 which needs flipflashes instead of magicubes for flash photography.


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