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Agfamatic pocket LuxEdit

Agfa KMEdit


Agfa KM compact bulb flash


Agfa KM

The Agfa KM is a BC (battery/capacitor) type bulb flash with a two-piece reflector that is disassembled via a bayonet type mounting system. The bulb head also slides toward the flash bottom to make it even smaller. This is done to accommodate the compact circular zippered case.

  • Flash bulb: XM1
  • Battery: (old style-Daimon 16122, 22.5v) replacement-ATLANTIC 6F22.9v, 22.9v easily obtained online.
  • Capacitor: (0ld style-V'&S ELECTROLYT 100MF 25/30v ) replacement-Radio Shack 272-1016, 100uf electrolytic capacitor, 35wvdc. Note: old capacitor leads are rigid tubular and replacement capacitor leads are wire so soldering or other ingenious method will be needed to use the new cap.
  • Compatible cameras: Agfa Silette (original)

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