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The Box 14, better-known under the name "Trolix", was manufactured by Agfa Camera-Werk in Munich, Germany (1936 - 1940) and consists of the dark brown plastic Trolitan - similar to Bakelite, with Art Deco style. In the Netherlands, the camera was sold until 1942. With two adjustable wheels on the front, one can choose between two apertures or a yellow filter, and the shutter can be set either to M (Moment or Instantaneous) or Z (Zeit or Time/Bulb). Film type 120 (Agfa B 2), 6x9cm images. The camera has two brilliant viewfinders, a tripod thread and a red film window with a swinging cover. The shutter is flip-flop type, the lever is chrome-plated in a recess on the front. The carrying handle is made of chrome-plated metal. One opens/closes the camera for loading and unloading of film, by pushing a slide on each side marked Auf/Zu (Open/Shut). Since it's made from an early form of Bakelite, it is extremely vulnerable: if dropped it will most likely shatter.

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