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Parat and Parat-I are half frame 35mm film viewfinder cameras made by Agfa and produced between 1963-68.

The Parat series took advantage of the risen resolution of films by that time. Double the amount of pictures could be taken on a standard 35mm film by exposing two 18x24mm negatives instead of a single 36x24mm negative. Lens is agfa Color-Apotar 30mm f/2.8 and aperture range f/2,8-f/22. Shutter is Parator three speeds leaf shutter (1/30-1/125 +B) settings displayed in a small window on the border of the lens, just as the aperture. Manual front focusing, group and mountains symbols but also on a scale for meters and feet. Athough there appears to be a window for a meter, there is no meter. Other feature are close-focusing to three feet, hot shoe. Parat and Parat-I are nearly the same cameras.

Other Parat series cameras are Agfa Paramat and Agfa Optima Parat.


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