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The Agfa Futura autofocus 2 is a compact camera with built-in electronic flash. It uses the film cartridges for the Advanced Photo System. It has not many features: four flash modes and a photo series mode. Of course it offers the three APS exposure formats. Its coated 24mm 1:4.5 "Agfa lens" is properly designed for color photography. A simpler point-and-shoot variant of the camera is the Agfa Futura fixfocus 2. The autofocus variant allows a distance range from 80cm to infinity, set automatically by its two-step infrared autofocus. The fixfocus variant allows a minimal distance of 1.2 m.

The cameras were made by or for the Agfa-Gevaert AG Leverkusen, Germany. Their automatic exposure systems set shutter speeds between 1/60 and 1/250 seconds. They need APS films with speeds between ISO 100 and ISO 400 and a CR2 battery. They don't allow re-use of half-exposed film cartridges.

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