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This camera also appeared as an Agfaflex, equipped with uncoupled selenium cell meter, with indication in a top plate window. The self-timer and interchangeable lens features are still present, and the 2.8/50mm Color-Solinar still fitted as standard lens. Agfa seems to have changed names on its SLRs frequently, the names Colorflex and Agfaflex both appearing on non-metered, non-interchangeable lens cameras.

The Agfa Ambiflex was a SLR for 35mm film, made by Agfa in c.1960. It was made for interchangeable lenses but had a leaf shutter. Its viewfinder unit could also be exchanged - there were pentaprism and waist-level finders. The Ambiflex was equipped with a coupled selenium light meter and a self-timer.

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